Company’s plants

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    The Steel Recycling Plant:

    The steel recycling plant, located at the Steel site, Acre, processes the metal scrap purchased from industrial plants and metal scrap dealers. After sorting and processing, the scrap metal is transferred to the company’s melting plant, as the main raw material for the production of steel bars.

    The melting Plant:

    The plant is located at the Steel Site in Acre, and is spread out on an area of 80,000 square meters.
    In the plant, the melting of the scrap metal is performed as well as the production of the steel bars for the company rolling plant, located in Kiryat Gat.
    The bars’ production process includes the melting of metal scrap in the melting furnace, using electric arc technology with the addition of different additives to receive the chemical characteristics and composition required for the production of steel for quality concrete reinforcement, that adheres to the requirements of Israeli Standard I.S. 4466.
    The casting of the bars is executed in a system of continuous casting.
    The plant quality control system executes the quality control of both the process and the end product in all stages of production.

    Rolling Plant:

    The rolling plant, located in Kiryat Gat, produces from the steel bars crude steel for construction in rods and rolls, which serve for the production of the processed steel for construction , assembled elements, welded meshes, welded fences and wires.
    The rolling plant is spread over an area of 50,000 square meters and is located adjacent to the company’s steel processing plant in Kiryat Gat.
    The plant manufactures 250,000 tons of steel for concrete reinforcing per annum.
    Throughout the years since the plant was purchase by the company, investments were made in the plant in order to broaden the product variety, thus now a days todaythe plant offers all the demand for rods, from 8 millimeter diameter up to 40 millimeters, and lengths from 6 to 24 meters (special order).

    Processing Plants:

    Processing plants – Hod operates two steel processing plants for the construction industry, one located in Acre and the other in Kiryat Gat.
    The plants’ location both in the north and the south of the country enables efficient and quick response to all of our company’s customer sites throughout the country.
    The group processing plants, located in Acre and Kiryat Gat, manufacture processed steel(cut, bent, welded into products, etc.) according to customer requirements as well as industrial products for construction and infrastructures.
    The processing plants in both Acre and Kiryat Gat manufacture welded mesh for concrete reinforcement (both standard and non – standard according to engineering plans); additionally, the Kiryat Gat processing plant manufactures wires and various wire products (taut wires, galvanized, loose and other wire products such as fencing mesh, mesh for wall coverings, barbed wire, concertinas, etc.). Likewise, the southern processingplant manufacturers and participates in the establishment of fences.
    Both processing plants sell their products to construction and infrastructure contractors. The plant in Acre serves primarily the group of customers in the north and center regions, and the Kiryat Gat plant serves the group customers in both the south and center.


    Hod has diversified its investments by establishing or purchasing a number of companies.

    Hod Global Wire Ltd. – During the year of the 2008 the company acquired Global Wire Ltd.’s plant located in Netivot. The plant, operated by Hod’s fully owned subsidiary, Hod Global Wire Ltd., specializes in the production of both copper and aluminum wires and cables for electrical and control purposes. The plant sells its products in the Israeli market as well as the international market.

    Hod Zamir (60%) – Hod-Zamir has a great deal of experience and a solid reputation as a supplier of building tools. The subsidiary constitutes a synergetic addition to Hod’s activities, broadening its range of services.

    Iskol Trade – This fully owned subsidiary of Hod Zamir, processes and trades timber mostly for building and communication industries.

    S.C. Sirme Si Cabluri – A Romanian company which manufactures steel ropes for cranes, mines, anchors and other applications. S.C. Sirme Si Cabluri also produces a wide range of galvanized and drawn wire, barbed wire, nails and other products. A substantial part of its production is exported to EU countries.

    Oron International S.R.L. (50%) – Based in Romania, this company which has been established in 2004, trades in steel products in the Romanian local market.