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    Hod Assaf Industries Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of steel bars for construction, welded mesh for concrete reinforcement as well as galvanized and drawn wire. The company performs all the stages of steel production for the construction industry. After the scrap is collected and processed, it is melted into billets in the melting shop. At the rolling mill the billets are then rolled into bars and rods, which are then processed into steel bars and reinforcing welded mesh at the company’s processing plants located in the North and South of Israel.

    Hod’s products are used by hundreds of Israeli companies in the fields of construction, infrastructure, industry, security and agriculture.

    The group’s activity is concentrated in Israel and Romania.

    In Israel, the group is composed of six plants in three production sites:
    Three plants in Acre; the steel recycling plant, the melting plant and the northern steel processing plant.
    Two plants in Kiryat Gat: The rolling mill and the southern steel processing plant.
    The plant in Netivot produces wires and wire weaving for electric cables.
    In Romania, the group has a plant for steel wire production, galvanized wires and lifting cables, that was purchased by the group in June 2000.

    Emphasis on Quality:

    Hod’s sales and profits have steadily increased over the years, due to the company’s commitment to providing service of the highest quality to its clients in the fields of construction, infrastructure, industry, security and agriculture. Hod excels in quick supply of large orders and also offers the expertise of professional construction engineers who provide technical assistance and consulting regarding building plans. Hod’s products and services are designed to meet each client’s requirements and to minimize labor time and costs, thereby ensuring efficiency in meeting deadlines. The company has ISO 9001 certification.